AGBS is honoured to have a distinguished faculty of seasoned academicians and industry specialists. These experts ensure a comprehensive learning environment in the classroom by bringing a wealth of real-world experience and quality academics. Our academic members provide a complete and enjoyable educational experience and prepare students for the dynamic challenges of the business world through research, mentorship, and real-world application.


Prof. Tejas Joshi

Director & Campus Head

Prof. Tejas Ravindranath Joshi

HOI & Associate Dean

Dr. Nilesh Pandya

Assistant Professor (IB/Economics)

Prof. Dharmendra Khairajani

Assistant Professor (Finance)

Prof. Aashna Trehan

Assistant Professor (Finance)

Prof. Lawrence Menezes

Assistant Professor (HR)

Dr. Reena Biju

Assistant Professor (HR)

Prof. Pooja Thakkar

Assistant Professor (Marketing)

Prof. Disha Shah

Adjunct Faculty (Operations)

Prof. Bhavna Makhija

Adjunct Faculty (IT)

Prof. Prashant C S Srivastav

Visiting Faculty (Finance)

Prof. Nili Utsav Shah

Visiting Faculty (Finance)

Prof. Jignesh Vidani

Visiting Faculty (Marketing)

Prof. Jignasa Shukla 

Visiting Faculty (French)