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In the present cross-cultural scenario manager’s position is very challenging and very demanding. Knowledge and commitment are basic needs to be supplemented with inner values and strengths. Amity Global Business school, Ahmedabad deals in world-class research on management issues and provide students with a deep insight into the functioning of the global business environment. We here at Amity prepare students to face the constantly advancing corporate world and impart effective people-management skills. We not only focus on creating good managers but also on improving and enhancing existing skills while passing on managerial competence to students. We try to develop in students a capacity for dealing with the diverse business problems, a capacity which will enable them to make sensible decisions in their subsequent life.

Dr. Prashant Saxena
Director & Campus Head

Dr. Prashant Saxena

Dean & HOI

M.P.M, Ph. D

AREA: HR, OB, Strategic Management

Prof Tejas Joshi

Asst. Dean (Exp- 13+ Year)

Prof. Bansi Patel

Asst. Professor - (Exp- 13+ Years)

Prof. Himani Kapadia

Sr. Lecturer (Exp- 8+ Years)

Dr. Swati Joshi

Asst. Professor - (Exp- 09+ Years)

Dr. Nilesh Pandya

Asst. Professor - (Exp - 10+ Years)

Dr. Madhvi Mishra

Asst. Professor - (Exp- 08+ Years)

Prof. Nitisha Kumar

Asst. Professor - (Exp- 08+ Years)